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Mr Amar Patel

Chief Technical Consultant, Powerdyn Energy, Ahmedabad

His area of expertise has been to develop, apply and promote the use of computer simulations of diesel engines in order to improve the fuel consumption and control pollutant formation. He led a team of experts that develop complex thermodynamics based computer code that is used by engineers to develop and test virtual prototype engines and machines that are needed to comply with emission targets within the US and around the globe.

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability are themes that are of significant interest to him and he aspires to grow his career around these themes.

Specialties: Modeling of Diesel Combustion and Pollutants formation, 1D Engine Performance and Emissions Modeling, Chemical Kinetics, Engine Combustion Optimization for Better Fuel Consumption and Reduced Engine Emissions.

BTech Batch of 1996-2000; Master of Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; Ex Sr. Research Engineer, Caterpillar Inc, USA