Energy Swaraj Yatra by Dr Chetan Solanki, IIT Bombay @ Nirma Campus

Mechanical Engineering Department, Institute of Technology, Nirma University has hosted Dr Chetan Solanki on 19 January 2021 on the campus to demonstrate the Concept of Energy Swaraj Yatra. Prof. Solanki is Professor at the Energy Department of IIT Bombay and for his remarkable work in the solar energy area he has been referred to as “Solar Man of India” by Times of India, The Hindu and India Today. Some people also call him “Solar Gandhi”. He is recipient of various awards and two Guinness Book of Records.  He is an educator, innovator, researcher, entrepreneur, and author.

His desire to take concerted action in climate change mitigation prompted him to establish Energy Swaraj Foundation.  He undertake the Energy Swaraj Yatra planned across the country and globe starting from October 2020 until December 2030, nearly 11 years long yatra, to create Energy Swaraj as a public movement i.e. Generation and Consumption of Energy by Locals and for Locals, using local resources.

Prof. Solanki along-with his Solar Bus visited the campus of Nirma University and delivered a talk that sensitized the faculty members and students of the university regarding the concept of Energy Swaraj following Gandhian ideals. He explain the AMG principle i.e. Avoid, Minimize and Generate the energy. He also elaborate the ground reality of the planet earth by explaining the statistics of CO2 emission and its harmful effect on the earth.

The faculty members and students were mesmerised with closer look of The Solar Bus equipped with all day to day required facilities operated through solar energy only.  The Solar Bus has 8 solar panels and generating 3.2 kW power that is sufficient to cater a daily primary energy requirement of various home appliances such as stove, pump, lights, fan, air conditioner, televisions etc.