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Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

The laboratories are well equipped with a wide range of hi-tech machines, tools, equipment and software to reinforce the classroom teaching learning process. The Department has well established laboratories in areas such as Dynamics of Machines, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, Heat Transfer, Alternate Energy Sources, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, I.C. Engines and Automobile Engineering, Materials Technology, Metrology and Instrumentation, Production Technology, Manufacturing Processes, Workshop, CAD/CAM Center, Robotics and Thermal Insulation Testing. The up-gradation and modernisation of these laboratories are done on a continuous basis.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology are used to develop the products efficiently. CAD/CAM software are used to design and manufacture prototypes, finished products, and simulate the production runs. The CAD/CAM Center has equipment such as CNC Lathe (HMT Make), Vertical Machining Center (Jyoti Make), 3D printer, HP Design jet industrial drawing sheet printer etc. In addition to that it has software like Creo Parametric, CAM Express 7 (NX CACAD), CATIA, ANSYS, Hyperworks, Dynaform, Autodesk Education Master Suite, AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate,  Automation Studio, SLT for Vibration analysis Level 1 & 2,  OriginLab Professional,  MathCAD Prime etc., which match the dynamic requirements of the industry. 

Dynamics Laboratory is equipped with the various experimental setups, such as FFT Analyzer, Universal Vibration Apparatus, Dynamic Balancing Machine, Universal Governor Apparatus, Motorized Gyroscope, Whirling of Shaft Apparatus, Cam Analysis Apparatus, Single Rotor and Two Rotor System, Epicyclic Gears Sun & Planet Type, Epicyclic Gears Model. These equipment demonstrate the practical verification of basic theoretical principles of kinematics and dynamics of machines. 

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is equipped with different types of Turbines, Pumps, and Basic Experimental Setups, which give the practical verification of the theoretical principles of fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines. The laboratory facilitates the Flow Measurement and Calibration using devices like venturimeter, orifice meter, test rig for losses in the flow due to friction and pipe fittings. The laboratory has facility to establish Performance Characteristics of different Turbomachines i.e. Impulse Turbines, Reaction Turbines, Gear Oil Pump, Plunger Pump and Centrifugal Pump.

Heat Transfer Laboratory consists equipment to demonstrate various principles of heat transfer like Fourier’s law of heat conduction, Natural and forced convection, Stefan Boltzmann law, Critical radius, Extended Surface with Natural and forced convection, etc. The laboratory also has an indigenously developed wind tunnel facility to study and analyse the aerodynamics objects.

Engineering metrology deals with the applications of measurement science in manufacturing processes. It provides a means of assessing the suitability of measuring instruments, their calibration, and the quality control of manufactured components.

Metrology and Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with instruments for measurement as well as calibration such as profile projector, tool makers microscope, optical interferometer, calibration micrometer, electronic comparator, slip gauges sets, dead weight pressure gauge, surface plate, micrometers, vernier calipers, etc.

Material Technology examines the structure and properties of a material.  It deals with the correlation between the structure and properties of a material and its manufacturing process. 

The Materials Technology Laboratory is equipped for observing the microstructure of materials, performing non-destructive tests and various heat treatments on the metals. It consists of equipment such as heat treatment furnaces, The Jominy End Quench Hardenability Test, Vicker’s micro hardness testing machine, hardness testing machine, metallurgical optical microscopes, grain size measurement microscope equipped with relevant software, ultrasonic testing machine, etc.

The lab also consists of pin-on-disc machine for friction and wear characterization of of the materials.

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning laboratory has equipment to demonstrate various principles, construction and applications of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.  The laboratory possesses of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning equipment such as vapor-compressor refrigeration test rig, auto-defrosting refrigerator, split air conditioner test rig, window AC, air cooler, evaporative cooler, cascade refrigerator, vapor absorption refrigerator, heat pump, etc. The lab also has research equipment such as boiling/evaporation test set-up, R32 based invertor split AC test facility, test facility for performance evaluation of Evaporative Cooling Pad etc.

Central Workshop is important unit of the institute, where students learn to use various hand tools and equipment to manufacture useful products. It also provides manufacturing support for the UG, PG and PhD research projects besides various fabrication work related to the student competitions like SAE-BAJA, ROBOCON, E-BAJA, Mitsubishi Electric Cup, etc.

All undergraduate students in their first year acquire hands-on manufacturing skills related to fitting shop, carpentry shop, welding shop, soldering shop, plumbing shop, machining shop, smithy shop, and sheet metal shop. It also develops confidence to take up product design and manufacturing activities in future. The workshop also provides the maintenance services to various laboratories on the University campus.