Laboratory Facilities

The laboratories are well equipped with a wide range of hi-tech machines, tools, equipment and software to reinforce the classroom teaching learning process. The Department has well established laboratories in areas such as Dynamics of Machines, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, Heat Transfer, Alternate Energy Sources, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, I.C. Engines and Automobile Engineering, Materials Technology, Metrology and Instrumentation, Production Technology, Manufacturing Processes, Workshop, CAD/CAM Center, Robotics and Thermal Insulation Testing Laboratory. The up-gradation and modernisation of these laboratories are done on a continuous basis.

CAD/CAM Center has equipment like CNC Lathe (HMT Make), Vertical Machining Center (Jyoti Make), HP Design jet T620 24in HPGL2 etc. In addition to that it has software like Fluent 6.3 & Gambit 2.4, CAM Express 7 (NX CACAD), Automation Studio, SLT for Vibration analysis Level 1 & 2, Hyperworks 13.0, Autodesk Education Master Suite 2013 ,Autodesk Education Master Suite 2014, CATIA V5-6R2012, ANSYS 8.0, ANSYS Academic Teaching & Advanced 15, OriginLab Professional, Dynaform, AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate 2015, Creo Parametric 3.0, MathCAD Prime 3.0 etc.

Dynamics Laboratory is equipped with the various equipment which gives the practical verification of basic theoretical principles of kinematics and dynamics of machines such as FFT Analyzer, Universal Vibration Apparatus, Dynamic Balancing Machine, Universal Governor Apparatus, Motorized Gyroscope, Whirling of Shaft Apparatus, Cam Analysis Apparatus, Single Rotor and Two Rotor System, Epicyclic Gears Sun & Planet Type, Epicyclic Gears Model.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is equipped with different types of Turbines, Pumps, and Basic Experimental Setups which give the practical verification of the theoretical principles of fluid mechanics such as Flow Measurement and Calibration of flow measuring devices like venturimeter, orifice meter, Losses in the flow due to friction and pipe fittings, Performance Characteristics of different Turbines i.e. Impulse Turbines, Reaction Turbines, Performance Characteristics of different Pumps i.e. Gear Oil Pump, Plunger Pump, Centrifugal Pump.

Heat Transfer Laboratory contains equipment to demonstrate various principles of heat transfer like Fourier’s law of heat conduction, Natural and forced convection, Stefan Boltzmann law, Critical radius, Extended Surface with Natural and forced convection, etc.

Metrology and Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with instruments used for measurement as well as calibration.

The Materials Technology Laboratory is equipped for observing the microstructure of materials, performing non-destructive tests and various heat treatments on the metals.

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning laboratory has equipment to demonstrate various applications of refrigeration and air conditioning and to get familiar with the same, to understand construction and working of refrigeration and air conditioning applications like refrigerator, air conditioner, air cooler, evaporative cooler, etc.

Workshop is used for learning various methods of manufacturing ranging from manual methods to conventional machining to unconventional machining like EDM. Fabrication processes like soldering, welding etc. are also taught.