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Programmes Offered

Programmes Offered

Mechanical Engineering Department offers BTech, MTech and PhD programmes.

BTech in Mechanical Engineering

With an intake of 120 students, the BTech in Mechanical Engineering is a four-year programme incorporating updated and flexible curriculum. The curriculum covers the theoretical and practical aspects of Mechanical Engineering involving core and electives courses. It also includes various institute/university level electives in the area of engineering (other than Mechanical Engineering), management, humanities and social sciences.

The Minor Program

The students have the flexibility of earning a Minor in a specialised domain offered by the Department or the Institute/University by earning 15 additional credits.

The programmes are offered from the fifth semester onwards and are listed below –

  • Minors offered by the Department
    • Design Engineering
    • Robotics and Automation
  • Minors offered by the Institute of Technology
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Minors offered by the Institute of Management
    • Marketing
    • Finance
  • Minors offered by the Department of Design
    • Communication Design

Postgraduate Programme (MTech)

MTech is a two year programme, where the first two semesters primarily involve studying core and elective courses. In the next two semesters, project/dissertation work is undertaken by the student which is followed by report submission and viva. The project typically has a strong research component. Each programme has an intake of 18 students.

The Department offers MTech Programmes in the following areas:

  • MTech in Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
  • MTech in Design Engineering

Postgraduate Programme (M Tech by Research)

MTech (by Research) enables the industry aspirants to pursue their post-graduation in Mechanical Engineering. The programme has a customised blend of courses for domain specific knowledge acquisition and allied research. The programme involves one semester of course-work followed by working on a research problem culminating into a thesis at the end of minimum three-year.

Doctoral Programme

Doctoral programme focuses on original research work. Students are required to do course work for strong foundation during the initial semesters, eventually moving on to complete the research work.

The PhD programme offers students an opportunity to work on a specific topic at greater depth. The Department offers PhD programme under both full time and external category. It requires a course work as per UGC guidelines followed by specific research work on the PhD thesis topic. The research areas offered by the Department are Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering and Thermal Engineering.